Multiplayer - What are Epics plans and timescales?

Hi, Can someone from Epic please let me know what their plans are for Multiplayer on iOS, what are you planning on delivering and when ? Multiplayer is fundamental, are there any workarounds / quick hacks we could do to get LAN multiplayer working using beaconing or something ?

This used to work in UE3/UDK, could you not lift and shift the code?

Ironically no one seems to get get any answers about this on Answer Hub :frowning:

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There is nothing about multiplayer and mobiles.

But you have C++ and you want to develop multiplayer game, i think you know answer.

Hi Nawrot, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Are you an Epic employee ?

Regards, rOb

Nope i am just moderator. Some months ago they picked up bunch of active members of this forum, mainly to hunt down spammers.
We usually do not have any more information than other people here, unless its about some spammer or forum drama.

That’s cool, thanks again for replying :slight_smile: Do you know what the best way of getting an answer from Epic is on this subject ? Or even how to officially request new features / get a new card added to the Trello board ? Looking on the source code side it doesn’t even seem the netcode is even there for iOS? I can’t believe that we’re are a year and a half into UE4 and iOS multiplayer isn’t on the road map ?

Thanks, rOb :slight_smile:

Use the Feedback for Epic section on these forums … Epic uses this to get direct feedback from the users of Unreal Engine.

Many thanks, I’ve created a new thread there if anyone is interested :slight_smile: