Multiplayer Tutorial Issues

I’ve gotten all the way to the end of this tutorial series, and I cant get my selected character to load properly after traveling to the selected map.

Every other part works. But when I “Start Session” it just goes back to the default character. The player name is correct in the GameplayChat window, but the character model in game is default. I’ve been scrubbing back and forth for hours trying to figure this out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can post screens of any BP stuff, just lemme know what you need to help me figure this out! Thanks in advance!

Did you remeber to change the default character to you’res in the map world default settings ?

I don’t think it is as simple as that. There is a previous “Lobby” level where the connected players choose characters. In the lobby the character changes as expected, but once the server travels to the game, the character information is not passed on. The reason this is strange is that all of the other player info DOES pass through. I print the users name after the character is supposed to load and the name is correct.


Here are some screens of relevant parts of my Lobby Controllers and Gameplay Controllers.

The Lobby map loads and works exactly as expected, but after the server travels to the Gameplay map the player loads in as the default character instead of the selected character from the lobby. When I play with a second connected player, upon entering the Gameplay map, the first player(Host/Server) spawns with default pawn, and the second connected player(client) gets NO pawn. I’m putting together screenshots of this behavior, will post within the next couple of days. Let me know if there are any particular screenshots of functions or other scripts in the blueprint editor that you need!

Thanks again!

Hey DDugan,

If the character you select is updating correctly during the Lobby Map, I’m wondering if inside your gameplay maps you are using the GameplayGM set in the World Settings for the GameMode Override?

If you want to post your project somewhere I can take a look. I’m also going to be on next weeks Twitch Stream where we revisit this project and make some alterations.

Additionally, you can compare and contrast with the finished project located here: