Multiplayer: Third Person Vehicle

So I’m trying to make a aiming system for a third person vehicle, I’m able to get something to work, its just that it using the camera for reference, and I can’t find any way to replicate the camera.
I’ve got a Vehicle Pawn with a Turret Pawn as a Child Actor Component. (a lot of people ask me why this way, well, I’m trying to build a modular vehicle system that allows how ever many players to use the same vehicle at once)

(I’m trying to screen shot the nodes I currently have, but there isn’t enough space to get them all in one shot, is there a different way to do it?)


ok, I got something to work, but it only works for self, and it seems to be because the anim BP can’t find the owner

ok, so after even more debugging I’m certain that its because the control rotation is not replicated, I don’t understand, is this not replicated by default?