Multiplayer Template


It’s difficult to find good tutorials for the basics of networking and multiplayer games in Unreal Engine.
Most often they focus too much on other aspects, like menus, characters and gameplay features.

With this said, I think having a rudimentary Multiplayer Template in the launcher would benefit anyone trying to build a multiplayer game.
The said template should, obviously, be agnostic of the type of game. Having one MMO-RPG world is very different from having multiple MOBA matches which is very different from having different Open World sessions, but the template should support all in an easy-to-use/easy-to-adapt manner. Simple tutorials or conceptual documentation should also be added for each common game type to help understand the architecture of building these types of games. As I’m writing this, I’m deviating towards Internet-based games, as opposed to LAN-based games, but the template should include the possibility to choose between them. Also, some prefer C++ for the templates because, for some, it’s easier to read than Blueprints, so please include a C++ version of the template alongside the more probable Blueprint template.

I hope someone reads this and pushes this idea forward because without a template many give up on learning such a difficult topic.
Thank you very much for your attention.