Multiplayer set skeletal mesh or set visibility problem!

Hello and good day everyone (and sorry for poor english)

Okey first of first i wanna make a skin and im trying set skeletal mesh/or set visibility for this
but when im change my skeletal mesh everyone changed and my game become “clone wars!”
Client side every player’s model become same Server side every player’s model become same … (i have a integer for select skin in player blueprint and i have save game system(normal save game system) for “set” my player’s blueprint select skin integer.if my save game’s interger 2 my player’s blueprint select skin = 2 too) but i dont understand correctly why everyone changed in my game and Why players dont have own skin.(i dont understand using authority thing…im trying using notify but i cant make it too…) im using unreal 3-4 year but im really dont understand why network things so hard…Some one help me please :’( i feel so depressed…Thanks for helps and sorry for my english :confused:

Note: If im change skin with button its working but when im start my skin blueprint with event begin play its nor working and everyone be a same model…