Multiplayer Problem

I have setup and topdown blueprint gametype to test networking, And when i run two clients the character on the server part inside the editor moves and does what he is suppose to do and everything works fine.

But when i try to get the character on the client to move he just stands there, Also i have it so it spawns particles when i right click a area like in any other RTS those spawn but seem very laggy and do not despawn like they should.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please do a bit searching, there are Epic’s networking youtube tutorial, wiki articles, and Tom’s multiplayer BP thread.
If you’ve done all three, then do your question in a more specific way, explain exactly which part is not working, with screen caps and such.

I thought i was already clear but ill try to say it again.

On the editor i can do everything just fine i have it setup so my character moves with rightclick, So when i right click there is a emitter that spawns where i clicked and my character runs to it.

But on the Client, If i right click it spawns the emitter but the character does not move And the emitter gets placed where i clicked but it freezes.

I have watched/read the youtube and toms multiplayer also.

I hope this is more clear.

Working from the Blueprint Top Down project I see the same thing as you. Client character movement isn’t reflected on the server. However, from the blueprint code, it isn’t trying to replicate client movement to the server.

I made a few tweaks so client movement IS sent to the server and then it mostly works. The client character moves on both the client and the server but for some reason on the client it doesn’t pivot to face the direction of movement anymore. Weird.

I believe this may be the same issue in the ball rolling and flying template. There is no multiplayer in them. So you have to add it.

This forum post explains that the Flying and Ball template does not have the Multiplayer code. So you will have to add it yourself.

In that post is a link provided be Penguin that lead to a post/tutorial on adding Multiplayer to flying template. I used it to add it to the Ball template. There a plethora of information in that post.

I hope this helps.