Multiplayer Platform Fighter in Blueprint

I’ve been playing around with UE4 for a few weeks now, and I think I’m ready to start on the game I would like to make. I have a few theme ideas that I’m working on, but I want the gameplay to be a multiplayer 3D Platform/Fighter game (Think “Super Smash Brothers”.)

I have a fair amount of coding experience, but absolutely none when it comes to C++. I’m not completely against learning the language, but I think I’d like to play around with blueprints first and see how much I can do with that.

There are a few things that I’ve considered so far that I’ve looked for decent video tutorials on, but I haven’t found much yet:

■ Combat / Health System:

  • Are there any good tutorials out there that explain decent melee/ranged combat for sidescrollers?

■ UI:

  • I’ve found a few tutorials for making menu’s, although they seem to be a little outdated. Any suggestions?

■ Game Platforms:

  • Is there anything that I should keep in mind when making my game to be platform specific? I was aiming for (some/all) of these: PC, Xbox, PS4, Android.

■ Multiplayer:

  • I imagine this part is going to be the most difficult, but is there any reason why local (1 computer/console, 2 controllers) or internet multiplayer would be unrealistic for a single developer?

Any other suggestions woulds be appreciated. Thanks!

Have a look at the couch knight demo, there you will find Combat/Health system (melee and ranged based) and the multiplayer part :wink: