Multiplayer & offline story mode question.

I’ve got a question regarding Online multiplayer. I’ve recently got my hands on the Flexible combat system. and with the new update it’s been replicated for online play. It even has a “multiplayer button” that allows for local hosting,etc. I was wondering is it possible, in Unreal. to set it up to where my game can play offline and online? For example. I would want the offline button (Play now) or whatever, to load the offline version of my game. (No character creation, different hud/inventory) and different maps, and the “Multiplayer” button would load a character creation screen, a different hud/inventory. Is this possible to do? I’m not really seeking the answeres on HOW TO DO IT. i would just like to know if this is plausible and possible. Or if it would be just a huge monumental task. thank you.