Multiplayer, no characters but only inputs, how to do ?


I’m in the early stage of creating a 2D multiplayer game, I’m currently learning Unreal Engine 4 and I have a few questions.

In my game, there are no characters; there is one space ship that on player can move, 2 other players can move the guns (of the space ship) and shoot and a last one can repair things/manage energy etc… (WIP). They all have the same camera (maybe not the same GUI).
What’s the best way to proceed ? It will be multiplayer, each player having one of the roles (they will choose between levels).
Do I have to create 4 different pawns ? One pawn with an int (if 1-> pilot, 2-> gunner1 etc…) ? Is the spaceship a pawn, what about the turrets ?

Also the game is going to be online multiplayer (on gamepad and computer) for each player but I also want it to be playable in local (same conputer, one camera, 4 gamepads plugged into the computer). What’s the best way to proceed ?

Thanks for your anwers, if you know tutorials on the subject don’t hesitate to give the kink. :slight_smile:
(Sorry for my english)
David Birgé-Cotte

the thing you mentioned is called proxy control, where you don’t actually possess the pawn(spaceship), but instead possess a proxy pawn that have no body, and just one default camera.
Then when the player decided which part he tries to control, set view target on that ship’s, say gun camera, and call events on the ship to direct the gun with player controller’s input.

Also, I can see that people really do come across similar ideas all the time. As this is also what I came across about 1 or 2 years ago.
But I put it aside and decide to do something even simpler to start with. Anyway, good luck and hopefully you make awesome space game. :smiley:

Thanks ! :slight_smile: