Multiplayer networking in the sample FPS.

(In Unreal 4.7.0) I took the sample First Person, with the blue arms, simple arena and such.

I can set the number of clients to 2 and get two windows up. One is the server and one is the client.

But several things are being difficult.

I set the projectile yellow sphere to be replicated. If the server person fires the gun both see the projectile.
But if the client fires the gun only the client sees the projectile.
Why would this be?

Second: I can’t get the other player to show up in the view. I fiddled with MyCharacter and set it to replicate but it does not.

Also, I added a cylinder mesh and physics on it, and set it to replicate. If the server player hits it the client sees it, bu not the other way around.

I must be missing something obvious here.

I have looked at Introduction to Blueprint Networking - 1 - Networking Basics by Billy Bramer over and over.

Also related, if I do a PrintString on hit for the cylinder I see the output on the server console, but oin the client, where does the output go?

Try using events to cast to server. Maybe switch on authority as well.

I had to get the checkboxes correct on the replication …