Multiplayer Motion Controller Trigger change only on Client visible


every Player in my multiplayer game has a MotionController. The trigger should switch a laser on and off.

The Client can trigger his laser on and off and can see when the server player switches his laser on and off. So far so good.

Problem: The server player can only trigger his laser on and off but he can’t see the client laser going on an off.

My Laser is part of the MotionController_R and visible at start (just for testing) - Now the Server can see Client and Client can see Server - works great

Bit if I try to switch the laser on and off - The Client can see the Server switching his laser on and off but the server can’t see the client side.

I tried simple rep on LaserBeanOn variable, I tried rep with notification and function, I tried with custom function an run on server. All end up in the same result.

Hope someone can help.