Multiplayer Material Instances

Okay, So I am still learning the basics of networking and such and this might be a really dumb question, but I have a material that I want the player to be able to alter by changing a dynamic material Instance. (This changes a Constant3Vector which changes the multiplied color of my material) Anyways, When I apply the Material Instance to the Mesh, all of the meshes with the Material Instance changes…

My question: What is stopping this from happening in multiplayer? Example: Player A, finds a gas mask, picks it up and changes the color of the lens. Player B already has that gas mask, and then BAM! his lens color changes to the same color? Will this happen or am I overthinking the process of replication? I know that the server replicates the information to the connected clients, but if a player changes the color of his lens and wants other players to see it, then the server needs to know the color of the lens so that it can replicate to the other clients. Wont this change the color of all the lens’?