Multiplayer makes you want to start smoking again.

Ok am not sure of i am looking for the wrong thing. I am trying to find a tutorial. template to intergrate multilayer into my game. Could someone please link me to 1 or point me in the right direction. My dev has kinda of paused till i get past this, Any help would be awesome thanks in advanced

What exactly do you need? C++ or Blueprints? Server/Map Travel or Replication?

There are tutorials from Epic about replication and in the “Learn” tab of the Unreal Engine Launcher, you can find
a game called “Multiplayer Shootout” or something like that.

If you are familiar with c++, you can also have a look at the shooter game.

For more suggestions i would need some more information.

anything really. I have been messing with shootout and shootergame. but never able to fund server to join. i am making a fps. What imformation would u need?

the shootergame i can find server via a network program like log me in.

Servers can only be found if you are using LAN or have a Subsystem active. So for example Steam.
If you want to have Online Servers for your game without using a Subsystem, than you would either need to stick to
tradinational “give me your ip” connections, or you would need to script a master server. But that is not really UE4
related it guess.

For replication you can look into the official unreal engine tutorials about networking.
And for server things you could have a look at the ShooterGame. There are all functions in use.
Although i guess the ShooterGame is quite complex. There isn’t much more for networking.

Opening a listen server and joinen it can be found by searching google.

Oh right thank you for this. I will look more into this