Multiplayer Join Create and Find sessions [February gamejam]

What is the correct way of making a session.

See when I PIE with dedicated server I get all my pawns at the correct level they move shoot etc…

When I start a game with Run Dedicated server OFF and I use Single process

On the server window I create a session with


On the Client window I Find session

Then I Join the first session session since there is must be only one ???yes?


I used to open a level if JoinSession was OnSuccess yet all the clients were alone in that level?

When I start a game with Run Dedicated server OFF and I use Single process OFF the clients crash only the server works

Q1 how do I simulate the closest thing to a LAN while PIE?
Q2 how do I get all the clients on a single map , when I run a dedicated server it works automatically and I don’t know where to start when using listen server?

bumpity bump… interested in info on this.

bump… Same problem here

I found out how to fix it u need to package your project and it will work.

Yeah, I think I had a similar thing when running from the editor… if you run two instances, one will say ‘server’ on the top one will say ‘client’… if you try to host and connect to the client the other one crashes out. One of the Unreal programmers said it was a known bug.

What I do is call Open Level node after Create Session, and pass in “listen” for Open Level options. This will open the map in listen mode. Join Session (for that session) will automatically open that map on the joining client (you don’t need to call Open Level after Join Session – it happens automatically)

edit – not at my home computer, so I don’t have my project handy, but I may call Open Level BEFORE Create Session, can’t remember right off hand. Try it either way. =)

Has anyone got a sure fire way of making this work, would be really helpfull for us.

What’s not working for you?

Well my game wont create a session for a start. I have it set up the same as above but with an open level node on success of create session with listen in the options.

The level I am trying to open is a different level to the menu (with different GameMode and state blueprints).

Currently I have this made in the level blueprint (just whilst I was trying to get it working).

It works for me in editor and if I package it and run two instances on my own computer but even using the multiplayer shootout demo I cant joining people across the internet, nither me or my friend seen the other appear on the server list even with copious refreshing… we tried it both ways around and we could not see each other. I have forwarded port 7777 but my friend hadn’t. any ideas?