Multiplayer issues after updating to 4.24.3

Hi all,

My multiplayer was working just fine but after updating my multiplayer vr project to 4.24.3 i got these following issues:

When testing multiplayer in editor with settings set to: Listen server, 2 players
the following happens:

  1. Server spawns and can move around, sees animations of animals and such (no problem here)
  2. Client spawns in at Origin 0, 0, 0 and can’t control character. Client doesn’t see animations of animals and even the movement of the host isn’t replicated.
    HOWEVER the client’s model is displayed at the correct location on the server.

The strange part is is that this only happens on a level that is somewhat populated with models. On my startup map with only 1 static mesh present this all works just fine. Client and host can move around and movement is seen on both screens.

My guess is that the client possesses the player-blueprint way too early and isn’t excecuted at all? I really have no idea because this all worked before.

The reason I did the update was because of a shadow issue in previous version that got fixed by updating the engine going back would be a sollution but the game doesn’t look great when shadows keep popping in and out.

Thanks in advance, hope we find a sollution :confused: