Multiplayer in shooter game example

Is multiplayer already setup for the UE4 shooter game example? if so how do you setup a server that runs it or does it work in another way? Thanks in advance! I am playing around and I was wondering if i needed to try to code networking myself :slight_smile:

It has a peer-to-peer multiplayer (it also has dedicated server option but I don’t know how exactly you build it, there’s a tutorial online).
The default port is 7777, which you have to open for other to see your server.

Thank you!

Hmm I’ve tried that on a billion computers with proper port forwarding on 7777, but at most I can see the room but never join it (simulating LAN through Hamachi & Tunngle, which both works individually with their own ports forwarded).

The only time it ever worked is when I put in a way to manually enter their IP to connect directly, which then works flawlessly.