[Multiplayer) How to get client at the bottom of the screen and opponent on top of the screen?


I was wondering what would be the best way to have a system like in Hearthstone, Clash royale etc. (a 1v1 dedicated server multiplayer game) where the client always plays at the bottom of the screen, facing his opponent (at the top of the screen). Same for the opponent, he’ll see himself at the bottom of the screen and will see you on top of the screen.


You can assign different cameras to different players. So a player always seeing himself at the bottom of the screen is as simple as flipping the camera for player 2.

I see, your solution works but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for because in the game I gave as example (I should have make it clearer) you’ll always see the “board” from the same point of view.

Example in HS :

You’ll always have the cauldron on the bottom left, you’ll never have it on top right.

This works “by default” (i.e. naturally). All you do is assign the bottom side to the local player and the top side to the opponent. The local player will always see themselves as the bottom side and will see the opponent as the top side. It’s a matter of perspective (e.g. like in the third person template, how every player follows their own character automatically).

If you don’t understand why this is, I would recommend learning how multiplayer & replication work.

I think I made it as you said (or at least I found a solution that works :D). I only put a player start at the top position (so both player spawn at the top location) then moved the controlled pawned of the player controller on the bottom position.

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