Multiplayer CampFire

My objective is to make a campfire, I can get it to work in singleplayer or from the listen server, but it doesn’t work for the client in a multiplayer setting.

When I spawn the campfire actor, I also spawn an inventory actor on ‘Event Begin Play’ (spawn on the server-side) and I store the actor inside a variable.

Once the inventory actor is spawned on the server-side, I run a custom event on the owning client in the player controller to generate the widget. The problem is when I try to access the variable, it is always ‘None’. If I stay on the server-side, the variable can be accessed.

How can I access/transfer a variable that was created on the server-side to the client?

Mark it to replicated if is on server side… :rolleyes: it should automatically be replicated to the client, if you want to do something when is the time of the replication, just use repnotify mark it as repnotify.