Multi-body part ragdolls?


I have a character which consists out of multiple body parts (4 to be exact). Now all of these share the same skeleton and are combined together in the character blueprint. All parts use the torso as the master pose and everything works fine. I’m trying to turn the player into a ragdoll upon death. But I can’t seem to find a way to keep the bodyparts attached to one physic asset. I can remove the bodyparts and replace the entire character with a full body which works fine, but this way the character become naked when they die, which is a bit awkward. lol

Does anyone know how I could set up these bodyparts to work with a physics asset?


The other meshes should inherit the master meshes physics asset. You need to make sure the master mesh is bound to all joints though and not just some of them.

Oh I see. The master mesh is the torso, which is literally just the torso, upper arms and head. The legs , hands and feet are not part of this mesh, therefor there are bones that don’t have anythign skinned to them on the torso. Is this why it’s not working?