MSAA Not Supported?

I am developing for PlayStation 4 VR,
When Launching on PS4 Devkit, I can always see a log:

PS4DevKitUtil:[2017.xx.xx-xxxxxx][0]LogRenderer: MSAA request but the platform doesn’t support MSAA, falling back to Temporal AA

I’m using forward rendering, and set the anti-aliasing to MSAA.
I’ve contacted sony engineer, who said MSAA and forward rendering is centainly supported by PS4 ( even more advanced EQAA is also supported).
So I want to know where is wrong ?
Please leave a comment if you have met such a problem or knows what’s going on here, Thanks in advance!

Because Unreal Engine haven’t supported PlayStation MSAA yet.

As stated here, MSAA is not supported on PS4 yet.

There’s no time-frame for it’s support yet.

@zooedward @TheJamsh Thank you guys, you are absolutely right! An Epic Chinese supporter told me that PS4 it self support MASS, but UE4 hadn’t complete that part to support it on PS4. It’ll be supported in some future version, maybe later than 4.16.