Moving upper part of the mesh instead of the whole mesh.

Hi so I got an idea of making a simple fps game. But I have a problem I made a very simple rig in blender that is rigged which i exported into unreal with no problem but when I use the fps templates system when you move the camera the whole mesh follows it what i would like is for example if you look up and down the upper torso will look up and down and the legs will stay still and I had two ideas but I think they are not the most efficient way to do it and I think it would be annoying like cutting the model in half so legs are apart from the torso and I attach the torso to the camera and the legs into just mesh. I have no idea if you have any ideas or a way to do it comment below i will show two pictures of the explanation.

I recently implemented something very similar. Here’s the result:


The way I did it was by using a “Transform (Modify) Bone” node in my characters animation blueprint.
It allows you to transform a specific bone in your skeleton. So you can easily rotate it up/down.

Here I rotate the head:

And here I rotate both arms:

Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for! Also how would you make the rotation is it just the yaw of the camera?

You can use a break node and take the yaw from that.

Thanks appreciate that!