Moving Sliding Doors and Valve Handles

Hi All,

Having a hell of time with this project. Just seems to be kicking my ass at every corner. Plus its crashing every time I go to test in VR with this FBX I have from Inventor FBX Exporter - another unsolvable issue…

I can deal with the above, but I have been trying to get a simple sliding door action and a valve handle to turn when grabbed, IE grab and twist motion with hand to physically twist the handle and same concept for the door.

I can get the door to move after being touched via a timeline and transform blue print back ground. But I’d like to make it move using the controllers, IE grip and slide. I’ve tried physics constraints, they seemed the most logical to me, coming from Inventor. That kind of worked, out in the middle of know where by itself, as soon as it was put into context, it seems as though it would collision against everything and just start spinning.

The Valve, I managed to find some example of a rotation only blueprint for the pickup action, so I partially copied that and tried to adapt it to my needs, allowing rotation only in the Z axis. This almost worked and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. However it would not release and continued to follow the rotation of the controller as I moved my hand. I believe I was using a gate with the pick and drop actions as the open close.

I’ll post screen shots when I get home, but if any one has some ideas on a simple way to do this, or a better tutorial on how to use the physics constraints in this context, would be much appreciated!

Do Physics constraints need to be anchored to two characters ? Or does it auto lock with one character selected to world axis ?

This just doesn’t seem to be very intuitive!

You can start by looking into Mitch’s VR Content Examples here: GitHub - mitchemmc/VRContentExamples: Unreal Engine 4 community VR content examples They contain multiple interaction models you can study and build on.

Beside that, there are various plugins/templates/demo projects here on the forum which implement, to different extents, various interaction models. Here the most popular ones:

Mordentral’s VR Expansion Plugin: VR Expansion Plugin - Unreal Engine Forums
Rune Berg’s VR Plugin: VR-Ready C++/Blueprintable Pawn with common VR functions. Also good as a SteamVR project template. - Unreal Engine Forums
Proteus’ VR Template: Single/Multiplayer, Touch & Vive Proteus blueprint only Template - Unreal Engine Forums
UVRF hand-presence Template: