Moving pointlight

So i’ve created a blueprint of a pointlight that i can place on a candle to make the light flicker in a soft way, but i also want the light to move ever so slightly.
I’ve created a timeline that does make the light move, however every time i place it the light will follow the movement from the timeline. Which makes every light move the same way.
Now i’d like to randomize this by either;

Making it choose a random starting point from the timeline,
Or make it position itself (without the help of a timeline?).

I tried adding a random float (in range) to the ‘new time’ on the timeline node, but this doesn’t do anything.

Below is what the blueprint looks like, i hope someone can help me in trying to understand where i’m going wrong.
Thanks for the help!

I think you were on the right track when you added the random float to the “new time”, but you also will need to put an execution to the “Set New Time” in order for it to take effect (not sure if you did this). Last time I did this, I used a sequence node to first set the new time then play. I think that should be all you need.

There are obviously other ways to go about applying a random light effect but this one seems solid.