Moving pawns at the same time

Trying to figure out how my other pawn move using the same input as my main pawn. I basically made a copy of my main pawn and don’t know how it will receive inputs.

are you trying to have two pawns move in the same directions and such as if you were possesing both?

for that i imagine you could have auto receive input set to player 0 on both pawns, then also select the input event in each and uncheck consume input. that should work in theory but i havent tried it

Edit: nope that doesnt work. its probably due to the second pawn having a ai controller or something.

ok it looks like as long as you have a valid reference to the charcacter you can do whatever you like to it. below is an example though i dont recommend it done with the get all and for each loop since i doubt it will perform well.

you really didnt explain your cast issue very well so im not sure what your looking to do. casting is basically a means of identification so the real important bit and where people run into issues is with the object in. this object needs to be a reference to the actor your looking to identify. so in your case the object needs to be a instance of the otherpawn actor that exists in the level. you can get the reference through the use of traces, overlaps, public variables, etc.

Thank you very much for your response. Yes to move both and face the same direction and i see will still do try this get all method. Also, may I take this opportunity to ask how to cast to the other pawn? I am really having a hard time knowing how to cast to another actors I can only do it successfully to the main pawn.


found a way around using event dispatchers.