Moving on curved ledges rotation calculation error

Hi everyone,

When I want to move my character on curved ledge while hanging, my character’s rotation and movement are not synch and causing like this:

Here is my code:

                // LeftArrow Relative Location: FVector(40.f, -100.f, 40.f)
		Start = LeftArrow->GetComponentLocation();
		End = Start + (LeftArrow->GetForwardVector() * 150);

		DRAWLINE(Start, End);

		FCollisionQueryParams CollisionParams;

		if (GetWorld()->LineTraceSingleByChannel(OutHit, Start, End, ECC_Visibility, CollisionParams))
			FVector DistanceToWall = (OutHit.Normal * DistToWallCoeff) + OutHit.Location;
			FVector TargetLocation = FVector(DistanceToWall.X, DistanceToWall.Y, 0.f);
			// pelvis is nearly in the middle of capsule so we should 
			// extract CapsuleHalfHeight from Z value of location
			TargetLocation.Z = HeightLocation.Z - GetCapsuleComponent()->GetScaledCapsuleHalfHeight();

			FRotator TargetRotator = UKismetMathLibrary::MakeRotFromX(OutHit.Normal * -1);
			TargetRotator.Pitch = 0.f;

			LOGM("GO: %f", FVector::Dist(GetActorLocation(), ClimbableActor->GetActorLocation()));

			SetActorLocation(FMath::VInterpTo(GetActorLocation(), TargetLocation, GetWorld()->GetDeltaSeconds(), 1.0f));

			SetActorRotation(FMath::RInterpTo(GetActorRotation(), TargetRotator, GetWorld()->GetDeltaSeconds(), 1.0f) );