Moving object red green and blue ARROWS not working. Scale and Rotate yes.

Expected behaviour:
To could move around, the CUBE when i drag the GREEN, BLUE, AND RED arrows. Changing the position of the cube on the map. If I change the values manually on the Detalis Panel, it changes position. ​What I want is to could also move the OBJECTS around the map, with the mouse, If I have to add manually the values each time, I will get MAD with this program.

Expected Results VIDEO - YouTube:](

Observed behaviour:
When I dragg a new cube to the MAP it just get stuck there, and I try to move it around and is not moving anywhere.

Observed behaviour VIDEO - YouTube:](

Steps to reproduce:
1 - You go to the Modes Panel on the Left side of the screen.
2 - Then Select Basic tab.
3 - Then Drag to the map a Cube.
4 - Then yout select the cube on the map.​
5 - Then you try to move one of the 3 arrows of the cube.​

**Useful info:**​
Version: 4.17
I searched on google “unreal select and translate objecte arrow not working” and just get issues, about that the rotate, slcae, and move buttons are greyed out. Is not my case.
The rotate, and the Scale arrows works perfectly and as expected.

Asking the rubber duck:​​
What the hell is going on!!