Moving meshes from content examples to UE4 editor

I am trying to use the stuff from the content browser that you get in the “content examples” to the content browser in the UE4 editor. The two content browsers are different, one has all the props and the other one has all those cool arches, stairs, slanted pillar railing and stuff. I tried exporting them and importing to the editor browser, but Im having all kinds of issues with that. And why do we even have to do that? Are we not allowed to use all of those meshes?

You can use all of it just right click and go to migrate I think to move it across packages. Or just go directly to it in windows explorer and just move it.

Gotcha, I was using export instead. I created a folder in my documents, exported it there, and imported it to the other content browser. Thanks for clearing that up. I will try that when i get home thanks

yeah UE4 keeps its assets organised by project.

simply copy all the assets from the examples into a new project and import them into the content browser.


I tried that, but all I get is the bare mesh, with no materials applied. For example, the big blue and white arch displays as a plain grey mesh. How do you transfer the complete mesh from the other content browsers?

The Migrate tool is the correct way to do this. You need to open the project containing the asset(s), right-click on them in the Content Browser, and choose Migrate. I believe you can just choose the destination project’s Content folder as the location to save to.

You shouldn’t just copy .uasset files around in Windows explorer or Finder on Mac as that doesn’t take references into account so you lose any assets that are depended upon.

Thank you Jeff, I have been struggling with this all weekend. You have no idea how grateful I am for your help! I can finally use all the new stuff now!! Thanks again, +10 internets for you sir!!