Moving inside a collision box


I’m wondering what would be the best solution to make a character be able to move inside of a collision box.

I can’t give too many details yet, but at some points, you can “teleport” from above a box (with regular block all dynamic collisions) to inside that box.

But once I’m inside that box, I can’t move my character anymore, because the character movement component obvisouly detect the character capsule is already penetrating the floor, and thus sets the CurrentFloor structure to be non-walkable.

As the game is tile-based, and every actor has collisions which are made of cubes, my first idea would be to replace the single box collision of my actors by 4 small “rectangles” on each relevant face of the cube (not the front and back faces). And when I am inside a cube, I de-activate the collisions of the bottom face. The character would then be standing on the top face of the cube underneath the cube he is in.

Do you think this is a viable idea? Or is it something better, which may already be integrated in the engine?