Moving from Unity, compiler wait times question

I’m thinking about moving from Unity to UE.
Today in Unity I do some changes to the C# code, click Play, and see the changes.
In UE (Without using bluePrints) the C++ code needs to be re-compiled.

In real-life game development how fast are changes visible in the editor?

I know, I know. this Can be very different depending on the game, and loads of other things. I’m asking here about a day-to-day “wait” time for the compiler to finish.


Compiling a UE4 C++ project isn’t like compiling C# for Unity, since with UE4 it’s compiling the full engine and with Unity it isn’t. What you want is how Blueprints are designed to work.

Either Blueprints or a Scripting plugin.
C++ doesn’t work that way, compilation will always regenerate DLLs in full.

In your day to day, how long does it take to see a code change?