Moving Folders Fail...

Hello everyone, I am new to unreal engine.

I spent like 2 days working on a project and then I tried to relocate some folders to tidy things up, I go back to the game to find all my character meshes gone from the ingame. I tried to get them back manually but everything is screwed up whether it is the animations, textures, models, etc.

Please tell me there is an easy way to get everything back like it was :frowning:

Did you move them inside the editor?

I sadly didn’t because when I did, the software would crash and/or freeze. So I did it from the outside.

Try right click content folder and fix up redirectories from inside the editor.

always make back up copies and learn to use versioning to save files on local server.

ue is horrible when it comes to folder restructuring, renaming or moving files.

Thank you, I will try that.