Moving Actor using a while loop

The starting value of “WhileCondition” is 0, and the value of “Limit” is 250, but the actor is only moving once (I checked the value of WhileCondition and it stops at 250 as should be).
I did something similar with a for loop and it worked (Changed size and not location).

This is what I did with the for loop (Using an actual for loop node didn’t work so I used a branch), this one works:

You dont have to connect SetActorLocation with the Loop.
The Loop gets repeated after the execution ended.
Maybe you have to set Sweep or Teleport to true but i dont know if it works without.

Same result

It looks like the Loop doesnt work well with th Delay.
I can just imagine that Delay does not make the Loop wait until it ends, so in the end your loop is done befor the delay ends. (or i miss something)
Weird story… but just take the way with branch that works for sure. (As long as u need the delay)

Edit: If u put the delay after SetActorLocation your actor is moving until the end without delay.
Edit2: And i hope u broke the connection between SetActorLocation and the Loop!!!

Did what you said, the sphere is moving more than once but I want a delay so I can see the movement :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess I’ll just have to use the branch…

I did :slight_smile:

In the end its the same, the While Loop just looks nicer :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I hope there is a way to make it work with the while loop.