Moving actor from a top down view shows stuttering

Can someone please try to replicate this and tell me if its the engine?
Make a blank project with starter content set to Mobile at Maximum Quality. Create a camera and give it a top down look. Make a background that is black and
then make a blueprint out of the Plane static mesh that comes with the starter content. It should be white.
Have that mesh move across your screen on X or Y using an event tick and whichever way you like to move the actor.
I have tried several different ways, all with the same problem, it lags or stutters and the movement never stays fluid. Sometimes it’s worse but its always there.
I have an event tick into a VintepTo, Set actor location. I am moving it from its current location to 3000 on X or Y, it doesn’t matter. I keep getting stuttering in it’s movement. It will be smooth for a few and then it randomly pauses for a split second causing what appears to be a jitter. I made a new project that was blank, loaded the starter map, tried it there, and it still does it. I don’t know if this is a bug but I don’t know why I can’t get smooth movement from one actor. I also tried this with a sprite with the same issue.

Hey VigeoJames,

Which version of the Engine are you working out of? I’m currently in 4.8 Preview 1 and I am not seeing any lag or jittering when the plane is moving from one location to another. Would you mind also submitting your DxDiag in your next reply as well?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Hey VigeoJames,

I have not heard from you since your initial post. For this reason, I must answer this thread at this time for recording purposes. However, if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to reply back and we will assist you further. For all other questions, please submit a new thread to AnswerHub.