"Moving a task" to the server from a client?

Hello! How should I make things like movement be sent to server to deal with? Right now I have each movement bind to a function, that has “switch has authority”. All this does is make only the server (I’m using listen-servers) be able to use the controls. But how should I make those attempts to run the function that fail the authority-test send server to complete the velocity changes to the object asking for it? Thanks!

Simplest way is to take the input events and have them send an RPC to the server.

If your game is real-time though, you’ll probably want to have the local player assume the inputs it’s sending are valid and simulate them both on owning player and on the server. That way the server will correct you if it needs to, but you’ll still have immediate feedback.

oh, I have to try that! :smiley:
(Have done a lot of progress understanding the magic of networking, and right now moving over all moevemnt to an actor that is only spawned in the server client, and that handles all the movement. I didn’t think of ping, so your idea sounds interesting :slight_smile: )

Applying binary logs to the database will show you all your server transactions but I prefer an easier way to do this. AutosyncDB | Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas - this was also helpful when it comes to syncing.

The binary code works well, an algorithms and configurations are clear. Although we must remember about modern software and programs that are expensive to the future.
Soon the binary code will be referred as dinosaurs. LOL

I also thought so but then my idea of it changed. I found this: Best 32 App development software - Aug, 2021 to be a good solution for beginners. Worked for me well enough to become a regular user. Of course, we may look into other causes as well but I think it will be alright.