Moving a spline (like a moving snake)

How would you go about moving a snake or something similar using a spline? I can think of one way but it seems kind of contorted. I would imagine the snake being spawned and not moving the actor, but instead moving the spline points. The pawn’s input would move the first spline point, and the rest would move towards the spline point that follows them (using a spline mesh component). But that seems kind of weird to have the actor itself just static on the map and just simply manipulating spline points to produce the movement of the snake. Would this be the only way to do something like that or could there be a better way?

Hmm you already bring this up but yeah, the main issue with that is the actor’s location wouldn’t change so it would be kind of hard to get a location for it if you ever needed to. This is an interesting issue. I hope someone finds an answer to this. I was planning on just making some snake-like enemies and rig them the ol’ fashioned way. But using splines allows you to chop them into pieces right? Or grow them…

Yea that’s exactly what I want to do, I want a snake like entity that grows/shrinks (adds/removes spline meshes) during the game. But the snake moves around and the spline would have to move with it since it isn’t some predefined movement path. The way I’m thinking of doing it would probably work, and you could get the first spline point to find the location of the head, but it still seems odd to do it that way.

have you checked Blueprint_Splines in content examples? at the end of the level there is a box with a fish. is it something you are looking for?

No, that was using spline meshes to do animation of the tail and such, the idea I’m describing is different. Think of the classic game Snake, but in 3D; the body of the snake follows the head. This is in 3D though and not limited to 4 directions, the snake has 360 degrees of freedom to move across the ground.

I’m after the same question. I worked this out in 3DS Max, using a PathDeform World Space Modifier on the snake mesh linked to a spine object, with keyframed percentages on the line to have the snake conform to this spline, looks great. Then I learn you can’t export such modifiers and if you could, you can’t import them either. This should be so easy. How often we think that.