Movieclip functionality in Unreal (Newbie here)

Dear Unreal-Users,

Im happy to have the pleasure to join your community :slight_smile:

We are a small studio making “Interactive Comics for Exhibitions”.
We create beatiful 3D render and then animate them with Adobe Flash/Edge Animate.

The style feels something like this (first 40 seconds)
Now we want go to the higher level. We want to do the next project in Unreal. So we will create beatiful 3D render and than use them as textures on a plane in the 3D space.

One possiblity to play a animation on a Click-Event is the Timeline-Node. This is cool but you cant animate it in a artist friendly way (No Auto Key like in 3ds Max etc.) So we are looking for something similar like a Movieclip/Symbol in Flash/Edge Animate. Is there a similar functionality in Unreal?


Yeah, I found this similar functionality in Unreal.
Its called Matinee, and it is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

matinee is the old tool the new tool is called Sequencer and it’s really a great tool and user friendly than matinee it’s very similar to adobe after effects/premier pro

Yeah check this out: null - YouTube

Oh cool thanks guys!