Movie Render Queue un-useable with foliage

I’ve been using the Movie Render Queue with my project for a while when capturing some flyovers across the landscape.

It worked fine for this but after dropping the camera low to capture some ground-level shots I noticed it would hang at the start for 20+mins then once it gets started it was way too slow to use.

I’ve narrowed the issue down to the Landscape Grass Type distributed via the landscape material.

Since it wasn’t seen in the flyovers because of the tree coverage I didn’t notice till I enabled it again.

I’ve tried adjusting the cull distance, but don’t think it’s a performance issue as I can simulate the project and fly through in real time.

This is the landscape material I’ve been using in case that help

I’m having exactly the same problems now. Did you ever find a way to solve this? Rendering grass with the movie render queue becomes unusably slow (like 20min render per frame) while I’m having real time playback in the editor…

Unfourtnaly no.

I tried to contact the creator but had no response.

for my use, I had to fall back on just rendering out of the sequence editor instead not ideal as it wasn’t close to the quality.