Movie not playing in game

The Movie Plays in media player in the editor and also on the mesh, but does not start up in the game when i walk
into the on overlap box trigger. The Problem. As soon as I hit RUN when I hit run, it straight away removes the movie
from the screen mesh and when I stop the game and go into the media player to find out why the movie was
removed off the screen it says there is no media. But the media player works fine when I click on the movie file manually in the editor it plays it on the mesh, it just won’t do it in the game with the box trigger and keeps losing the media even though
its right there in the movie directory… am using 14.4 of the engine.

Al I have in my level blueprint is the on and off overlap triggers, the third person castings, and the Media player reference. Now the tutorial I followed was off an older engine version so maybe in 14.4 I have to do a little bit more to get it working in the game.

I don’t understand why the media player keeps on bombing out saying there’s no media to play as soon as I hit Play Game in the editor.