Movie Capture Matinee - increasingly more slowly


i try to capture a camera view via matinee - with 120 seconds 30frams/sek. the capture works fine.

my problem:
unreal renders at the beginning of the movie capture 214 frames in a minute!!! awesome :slight_smile:
but after this the render time descend dramatically -
every minute there are fewer frames :frowning:

that means 214 frames in the first minute.
and 7 hours later only 2 frames each minute

the camera is not movieng - and the image size does not change that much - just between 300kb - 350 kb

what can i do?
im happy about any advise


with a work arround its possible.

i render the movie in avi and create with AE a image sequence again X-D

inseadt of 7hours the movie comes out in 2minutes!!

I usually crank up the screenpercentage to 200+ and record with nvidia shadowplay in 60 fps on my gtx 980. It’s the fastest way to record and you get temporal AA. Something you don’t get when you export frame by frame unfortunately! Not sure if exporting to .avi takes tempAA into consideration or not… Would have to test.