MoveToLocation not working if the "ground" is generated at runtime

I am making a tile based movement system in a random generated dungeon, and each of those tiles is a StaticMesh Component, spawned at BeginPlay.
However when I tried moving pawns across said tiles it doesn’t work, but if the tiles are spawned before runtime like in the construction script blueprint, the pawn moves to the estabilished location. I tried both C++ and Blueprints methods of MoveToLocation, and the result is still the same while using the same pawn class.
I made sure the NavMesh volume is big enough, and I can’t spawn the static mesh components before runtime because of crashes with the whole dungeon generation system.
Is there a way to update the navigation data at runtime?

In the project settings you can set the navmesh generation to dynamic.

thanks, I was already looking at Navigation Invoker but your solution is much faster