Movers/Doors problem

Hey everyone I’m new to UE4 and I got a problem.

I checked out the tutorial for making sliding doors/movers and now have a problem. I want my character to get pushed by the movers when they move. This is fine when my character is moving against them but not when the character stands still.
I made a video to show the problem.

I also found out that when I was recording and the fps was lower, the 2nd mesh that I use on the mover goes through me just like in the video, but when i dont record and my fps is higher the mover actually pushes me but not smooth like when I run against it.

So what I need is for the movers to smoothly push the player like when the player is running against it.
I feel like I’m missing something obvious because I couldn’t find anything on the internet about this.

Also here is the BP graph I use for the mover/door: BPGraphMover.PNG