Movements not working....

Okay, 5 hours are now passed, i followed literally every tutorial in existence and my character still refuse to walk.
I made my keybindings, created my own gamemode, selected my own character(project+world settings), made the blueprints and still, the engine acts, like i did absolute nothing…

I think you have a problem somewhere else. Are you using an already placed character? Or did you just start a new blank project?

Maybe so not working

Nevermind me. Answer giving without emptying my coffee.


So, is the MoveForward node firing at all? Add a PrintString node and print the “AxisValue”. Then press the button bound to the node
and check if the Value gets set to 1.0. If not, your Input Setup is wrong.

Other idea is that the Control Rotation is returning garbage, so check if the Vector you get there is correct.
Print it and look straight forward. Check what the Vector prints.