MovementComponent vs authoritative networking

Hi I have some questions regarding movement component, delta time, and authoritative movement.

I’m using the AddMovementComponent the way bellow in my Character class, and my CHarater is replicated.

AddMovementInput(FVector::RightVector, AxisValue * Speed * DeltaTime);
AddMovementInput(FVector::FowardVector, AxisValue * Speed * DeltaTime);

It is working, the character moves in both client and server, but I’m concerned about the order of run, the values it will use for AxisVal, Speed and DeltaTime Variables and how will these values be passed from client to server or server to client.

The AxisValue, for instance, is a variable that is filled by the joystick of the client. Do the Movement Component cares about validating if it’s between -1 and 1? Because it’s very very easy for a cheater to hijack the AxisValue variable memory in his personal computer and put there a huge value like 20, to get super speed. A cheater can also modify the Speed variable and the DeltaTime Variable of his game.

So, how does the MovementComponent handle this in both server and client?