Movement slowing increase speed?

I would like to fix that character movement because it is snapping minimum speed to max speed in a blink…

How can I made it slowing increase to max speed?

Reduce “MaxAcceleration” in CharacterMovementComponent

Thank you for reply! Sorry I haven’t reply for a while because sunny outside! Heh.
I just did that and it working! But it made me laugh a lot… I made endless running and it is awfully! My character just send into fly in ragdoll mode and watch it scramble helpless like in a blender … Haha!

Right… I have problem, while running for 1 minutes then when turn a corner it just slow down for like 2 sec or so… Like reset a speed until stay in straight line it just like millennium falcon hyperdrive ( or Star Trek in warp mode)…just after turn at corner!

Yeah, that no good! But really funny at first time but 10 time can be boring…