Movement is disabled while playing a single animation via Animation Montage


I try to play an animation -hitting with a sword- while moving the character. For some reason all the movement is “ignored” as soon as the animation plays. I am using a single attack animation in the AnimMontage and don’t even try to blend it with the movement blendspace yet. I just want the character to not “ignore” the movement (debug messages says it still takes the input of 1 to move forward for example) but while the animation plays the character just stands still. The Movement is based on the Third Person Example of UE4 and the cpp base just calls the single animation with: PlayAnimMontage(LunaMontage, 1.5f, FName(“attack1”/*MontageSection/)); The AnimBP is just the AnimMontage output linked to the Outputpose. Also here is a gif: Screen capture - d0b3d6285a809c439af27ea9c5c443da - Gyazo

Thanks a lot in advance,


I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution?

Ok, I finally found the solution. You need to change the root motion mode in the animation blueprint (in the details panel) into “No root motion extraction” or “Ignore root motion”.