Movement based on collision

So, I’ve recently moved away from character movement as most of it is finished. However, now I need to focus on making vehicles.
First thing to mention is that I’d like to keep it relatively simple in terms of server load when there could be hundreds of vehicles on screen.
Second thing is that I only have a rudimentary knowledge of how C++ coding works so I’d like to try to keep it constrained to BP and anim BPs if possible.

Basically I want to know if it is possible and if there’s a way to constrain movement to particular bones. I’m wanting to set up a vehicle with multiple “wheels” whose only movement is either up and down or turning side to side. I’ll use a panning texture to simulate rotation. But I want to constrain movement to [wheel1 colliding=true + W pressed=true - add movement] I’m okay with a little derpiness as I can likely add some trickery to even out some of the irregularities that this could cause. The idea is to be able to have each movement “event” add up to move the whole vehicle, which will be subject to momentum (resists forward motion, resists stopping)

so far trying to get pawns to move the way I want has been troubling, and Character pawns seem to have their movement constrained to the capsule component (which I cannot replace or edit in seemingly any way) and the “default pawn” class movement seems dependent upon camera rotation.
I would also like to avoid using the vehicle pawn class due to its heavy reliance on physics. Also clearly I cannot have more than 4 wheels being simulated even in 4.7