Movement and rotation with a single joystick

I’m trying to create a top down shooter for mobile with a single joystick for both movement and rotation. I’ve managed to get the player to move but I’m not sure how to make them rotate when using the same joystick. Can anyone help?

You can try to rotate your character from the same event and use same vars as u did in movement. U just need another function. I don’t have UE4 launched now, but search for Yaw input or something like that. Oh, there will be a bit hard to transform movement value to rotation, so u have to use some geometry stuff to convert, because im not sure if there is a function to do it, but I think there is. Something like vector to rotation or like that.

Bumping this thread. Still stuck.

Your problem is to rotate player character so it always faces movment direction, or you want horizontal axis of pad to rotate it , then vertical to go forward/backwards?

I want to make the player character face the direction it’s moving while rotating. Like this