Download I doing it wrong?

Disclaimer: I am only recently trying to teach myself UE4, so a lot of this is extremely new to me.

I’ve been trying to create a simple actor and just experiment with moving it via Blueprint. It’s been a while since I used Kismet in UE3, so I’ve forgotten how to move things, but, even when using the “Move to Location” event, it never seems to ACTUALLY change the x, y, or z values of the transform. I try to change the values in the events, but, when I test it…nothing. It just keeps sitting where I initially placed it. Does making those valuables editable-anywhere UPROPERTYs (Which I’ve already done, FYI) cause this, or would it not affect them one way or the other? :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Have you set your actor to movable?

Yes. I try to use the “Simple Move To Location” event. I then set the goal to a new vector where I change the x coordinate, but…nothing happens. I’m probably doing this wrong, aren’t I?

I suggest you to watch the entire epic basic tutorial series. they explain all the basics and from there you can dig into the part you mostly want to learn.

or you can just watch the videos you most intreste in

Thank you!