Moved my project folder, having trouble debugging

So, I used to have c++ debugging working just fine. I got a new m.2 to throw all of my vidja game stuff on, and I followed some guide to moving your project folder to a different drive. Game fires up just fine, everything is working except all of my breakpoints say “symbols not loaded” in my own c++ code. I dug through output and saw that it doesn’t say symbols loaded after UE4Editor-Seven.dll. The folder is on the H: drive, so where did D:4 come from, and is that why my debug symbols aren’t loading?

I still don’t know why this doesn’t work with my m.2 drive H:, but I tried a few different things.
Things that did not work: putting unreal AND project on H:\ rebuilding project from source to regenerate all VS files.
Things that did work: putting unreal AND the project back on G:\ drive

So I’m not sure if it’s the drive letter that’s the problem, the M.2 itself, or if my mobo maybe does some shadow mapping of the m.2 from H:\ to D:4\