Move to Location or Actor not working for Z coordinate

I have a pawn created that has a blueprint defined such that it moves to a location that is +500 in the Y-axis of its start location (blueprint.png). It’s start location (startLoc.png) is (X=1200, Y=-590, Z=170) and it’s end location after the pawn is finished moving is (X=1173, Y= -150, Z=135). The target location used in the blueprint does not add any vector component in the X or Z axis yet we have the pawn move in those coordinates. This messes with my end location because my pawn ends up halfway into the ground (endLoc.png). My pawn keeps ending up halfway in the ground no matter what I set the end location to be (even if I add positive values to the Z coordinate) and I have no idea why. Can someone help explain why this is happening and how I can go about fixing this? I’ve been stuck on this for several hours :frowning:

But is it suposed to jump the ball ? or walk upon what? a video would be cool …

My expectation was to see the ball slide from its start position exactly 500 units to the left in the y-axis. Nothing fancy like jumping/rolling; just a simple translation to the left side. Still not sure why the ball ends up in the ground.