Move to Click Location - Pawn or Character

Hey there,

i am somehow confused about the movement in my project. I am trying to achieve a move to click location style (similar to the Diablo-series etc.)

Does the functions provided by UE4 only work if my MainPlayerCharacter is of type Pawn instead of type Character?

Right now i have a smooth roation handling of the character as well as the ClickLocation, but somehow the following throws a linker error:

UE 4.24:

#include "Blueprint/AIBlueprintHelperLibrary.h"

UAIBlueprintHelperLibrary::SimpleMoveToLocation( GetController(), m_v_WorldLocation );


Does the error happen because the function is not available for ACharacter Objects?


The Linker error happens because the AIModule (see this-> References -> Module) is missing in the <YourProject>.Build.cs.

Additionally i moved the movement functions to the player controller.